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The iPhone 5 has gotten Apple fans all worked up into a frenzy as it signals the end of a very long wait. Those people who haven’t seen the new iPhone 5 in person have scoffed at how it looks. Not necessarily because it’s bad or worse than the iPhone 4s. It’s due to the fact that it looks almost exactly the same. When it’s seen in person it’s clear to see that it’s nothing like the iPhone 4. On the contrary, it’s much lighter and thinner as a result of new materials. Aluminium prevents any streaks on the glass and a variety of colours allows each user to emit a different impression.

iPhone 5 is now available on pre-order from all mobile phone networks. You can compare best iPhone 5 deals from O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Three mobile network. Each mobile phone retailers are offering various iPhone 5 deals with competitive monthly line rentals. iPhone 5 both black and white colors are on offer in all 16GB, 32GB and 64GB model. Using the comparison tool above you can select best iPhone 5 contract deals with free gifts and inclusive minutes and free data.

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iPhone 5 features and review

A lot of people were hoping for the announcement of iPhone5 to come in 2011, although that was mainly wishful thinking. Announced on September 12, 2012, it’s expected to bring a ton of features to the table. It’s the sixth incarnation of the iPhone generation and is a smartphone with full touch capabilities. Much has been made of the introduction of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) telecommunication system, which allows HD voice calls and numerous other features. Essentially, it’s on the cutting edge of telecommunication technology.

Apple has increased the size of its screen by making it into a massive 4 inches. Users shouldn’t worry about being able to fit iPhone 5 into their pockets as the width has been kept the same; the difference in size has been added on to the length instead. Size is not just there for the sake of size, though. It’s there to accommodate even more icons without having to scroll down. More text and images can fit into one view, which ultimately makes it more convenient for users.

Whilst the colour saturation has seen slight improvements, one disappointment is that the traditional Retina display from the iPhone4 has remained the same. Apple hasn’t seen fit to improve it or tweak it. This isn’t a major issue, but it would have been nice to see something new in relation to the Retina display.

As already mentioned, LTE is the main attraction that’s supposedly going to encourage people to upgrade to the iPhone 5. LTE is now supported with the three major US carriers of Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. What it means for users is that they will be able to experience a new level of downloading as 4G is supported, which is an advancement on the 3G-only phones of before. In relation to offline functions, LTE also plays a major role as the processor has a greater amount of speed.

Another major feature of the iPhone 5 is the camera. What has surprised many users is that it’s been upgraded yet again. There’s no difference in terms of how thin the camera is. The only difference is that higher quality images can be caught, along with a number of other functions that it brings to the table.

The camera, which is known as iSight, makes sure that photos can be captured much quicker, has superior performance in conditions with poor lighting, and even implements a panorama mode. Photographers who are lacking in funds for a professional camera can discover a suitable alternative here.

The Cost
it’s a common problem with Apple as their products are incredibly expensive. It won’t put off those who are fans of Apple, but expect a lot of people to be waiting for the price to go down first. But on the other hand if you choose a iphone 5 contract deals with a mobile phone network then you can receive the iPhone 5 for free. For example, T-Mobile, Orange, O2 all are offering Apple iPhone 5 free of cost with 6000 minutes, unlimited texts and internet allowance for around £40 a month. There are various other plans available to suit your calling needs and to bring the cost down of latest released Apple’s iPhone 5. Check out best iPhone 5 deals with free gifts and compare cheapest iPhone 5 contracts before your buy.

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