Nokia Lumia 920 Contract Deals

Lumia 920 contract deals
In the past, things have never quite fallen into place for Nokia in the smartphone market. However, with the Nokia Lumia 920, the Finnish company has developed a phone that boasts the specs and the display to propel them, and the all-new Windows Phone 8 operating system, back into the big leagues.

With its curved unibody design and range of bright colours, the Nokia Lumia 920 might well be the best looking smartphone on the market. Controls are well spaced out and there is very decent speaker on the bottom of the phone to enhance music and gaming.

If you like your smartphones to be thin and light, you may be disappointed by the Lumia’s 10.7mm’s and 185 grams. Put the Nokia side-by-side with the 7.6mm 112 gram iPhone 5 and the difference is quite significant; however, the looks more than make up for its bulkiness.

Nokia Lumia 920 is a 4G ready smartphone and now available on contract deals and you can choose from red, yellow and white colors. Compare Nokia Lumia 920 contract deals from Orange, T-Mobile, EE and other networks with cheap line rentals. A typical deal from Orange will cost £36 a month which includes a free Nokia Lumia 920 mobile phone, 1200 inclusive minutes and unlimited texts.

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Nokia Lumia 920 best features and reviews

The 4.5 inch 768 x 1280 pixels IPS screen is a standout feature of the latest flagship Nokia Lumia 920 offers vibrant colours and deep, rich blacks. 332 ppi provides a display that is stunning for gaming and watching movies, while text is pin sharp in clarity. The size of the screen feels just about right, and although overall quality is probably a little short of iPhone 5 standards, there are few phones better.

Phone cameras have traditionally been a strong point for Nokia and Lumia 920 steps up to the plate once again, with an 8.7-MP primary camera which utilises Nokia’s own PureView technology. As ever, Carl Zeiss optics is on board and a dual-LED flash ensures quality snaps in outdoor and indoor low light conditions.
Video in 1080p@30fps and there is a useful 1.3-MP front-facing camera included, with 720p video recording.

Everyone one of the Nokia Lumia phones does a good job when it comes to speed and the Nokia Lumia 920 is no different. Packing a dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, the newest Lumia is ultra-fast and powers the Windows Phone 8 operating system with ease. There are absolutely no signs of lag when scrolling through menus, gaming, or powering apps with this phone and it is hard to tell the difference between this processor and the more powerful quad-core chipset in the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Nokia Lumia 920 processor is backed up with 1GB RAM, and 32GB of internal storage should ease the pain of no microSD card slot being included.

Operating System
Windows Phone 8 is the showpiece of the new Lumia range and it is a truly brilliant operating system. Windows have continually found themselves in the shadow of Android and iOS when it comes to producing an OS that people want to use; however, with WP8, the guys at Microsoft have developed something that makes their rivals look rather boring.
With the flashing tiles and completely customisable home screen, the Nokia Lumia 920 has what is probably the most enjoyable and user friendly OS ever made. The lack of available apps in comparison to Android and iOS may prove to be a stumbling block, but Microsoft is working hard to expand the Windows Phone Marketplace. On board exclusive apps such as the excellent SkyDrive and Nokia Drive, as well as a Nokia Maps (with included navigation) should be enough to tempt users over to the new OS.

A standard Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery is adequate if not spectacular and provides a day’s charge with moderate use. The Nokia Lumia 920 utilises wireless charging, whereby you can simply place the phone on a plastic charging plate. This is a great feature, but you should be aware that the plate gets pretty hot.

A bulky phone it may be, but there is so much to like about the Nokia Lumia 920. The performance is great, the display is crystal clear, and the operating system is arguably the best around. If you’re looking to ditch your iPhone or Android device in favour of Windows Phone, this is the phone to go for. There are many mobile phone networks online offering cheap and affordable Nokia Lumia 920 deals such as O2, Orange, T-Mobile etc. You can compare best Nokia Lumia 920 contract deals by using comparison tool which can help you find cheapest Nokia Lumia 920 deals with Free Gifts. A number of exciting free gifts available to choose such as laptop, ps3, lcd tv, ipad, xbox etc and you can take advantage by signing up for Nokia Lumia 920 contract deal.